John V of Westford, MA

Joe Fisichelli was instrumental in selling my house. Prior to Joe's involvement, the house was on the market for many months and generated little interest. After signing Joe as the new listing broker I was provided with ongoing market intelligence along with his valuable input. As a result the property viewing increased and the house was sold. His professionalism and high level of service removed most of the stress in selling my house.

Steven Z of Hudson, NH

Steve, Thanks for just being awesome with helping me search for a home. I feel like the stars aligned & I had a lot of luck landing here, and you were a strong part of that equation. I really appreciate you putting in the time with me on a search that knowlingly wasn't going to reap in a major commission. I couldn't have asked for a better REALTOR & look forward to working with you again.

Xiang Z of Houston, TX

Hi Joe I really appreciate all your hard work & patience. It was a tough winter, and having already relocated out of state, I was really worried something bad would happen to the house before it sold. You made all the efforts to continually check on the house, make sure it was in good shape and provided valuable advice during the selling process which ultimately led to a sale & very smooth transaction. I am very pleased with the service you provided us. Thank you & I wish you the best.